Last ball thrillers are back!

Last Ball Thrillers: Cricket Exclusive

All it took was just one match and here we are folks, the last ball thrillers are back! Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Mumbai Indians last night, with many a twist in the tail, eventually ended with a breath taking last over from the T20 specialist Vinay Kumar. When Vinay Kumar ran into bowl the final ball of the match, the result still hung in that very famous uncertainty which IPL brings to millions of fans this time of the year, each summer. I don’t know precisely what percentage of spectators were thinking that either side could win, but 99.99 % wouldn’t be a bad guess at all, when you know it was the big boy Pollard facing on the other end.

This is what makes this league so exciting to watch and this is what moves cricket lovers around the world. Moreover the booming ticket sales is a good indicator of the fact that fans are also keen to come to stadiums to watch the action and although IPL still remains a big television phenomenon, people are storming in to the witness it all, LIVE.

IPL6 has arrived and the excitement has just begun. The rare spectacle with Sachin and Ponting opening an innings together is sufficient enough to set the expectations sky high and one has to cut deep to find reasons as to why this edition won’t live up to it. Stay Tuned, we are just about fastening our seat belts!

Photo Credit: Stadiums Queensland

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The game of Cricket has evolved tremendously in the last few decades. Around the world, popularity of this game has grown exceptionally and in the subcontinent it is no less than a rage. From Test Cricket to ODIs to T20s, each format is drawing huge crowds to the Cricket stadiums with the teams getting more competitive and rules even exciting. In 1909, when International Cricket Council (ICC) was founded it just had three members. Today, 2012, there are 10 Full, 36 Associate and 60 Affiliate members. Passion for this game, beauty of a cover drive, adrenaline rush seeing a genuine fast bowler and much more comprises the core theme of ‘Cricket Exclusive’. We envisage this sport scaling greater heights and we at ‘Cricket Exclusive’ want to live it every moment.

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