We’ll miss you Sir

Sachin TendulkarFor last two decades Indian cricket has revolved and evolved around this legend and it is a massive moment for the game when a great like him bids adieu to a format that he ruled whenever he walked out to bat during his brilliant and sincere cricket career. Without the master Sachin Tendulkar, Indian cricket won’t be the same and thus it is time for unprecedented transition.

When the little master arrived in late 80s what also arrived with him was a great sense of joy that came from watching him bat. This joy would be missed after him. There were great cricketers before his time and there will be great cricketers after him, but he is undoubtedly the greatest of all and his greatness is irreplaceable. More than anything else, his unmatched passion and love for the game makes him the greatest.

In Tendulkar the world cricket saw a great ambassador for the game and a superb competitor, and with his retirement from ODI cricket, fellow cricketers for a while would definitely feel a void in terms of level of competition, because the master did set some very high standards for himself and his approach did rub-off on others around him and on cricketers around the world.

Through this article, Cricket Exclusive wants to pay a heartfelt tribute to the genius. For more than two decades he ruled the game and hearts of everyone who watched him bat. Tendulkar is holy, and he is right up there. We’ll miss you Sir.

Photo credit: R@VITH

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The game of Cricket has evolved tremendously in the last few decades. Around the world, popularity of this game has grown exceptionally and in the subcontinent it is no less than a rage. From Test Cricket to ODIs to T20s, each format is drawing huge crowds to the Cricket stadiums with the teams getting more competitive and rules even exciting. In 1909, when International Cricket Council (ICC) was founded it just had three members. Today, 2012, there are 10 Full, 36 Associate and 60 Affiliate members. Passion for this game, beauty of a cover drive, adrenaline rush seeing a genuine fast bowler and much more comprises the core theme of ‘Cricket Exclusive’. We envisage this sport scaling greater heights and we at ‘Cricket Exclusive’ want to live it every moment.

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